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International Trade: Maria created an extremely fast and intuitively reactive website that works great on a PC, Mac or mobile device for my international trade consulting business. She worked well within my budget and completed the multi-page site in a remarkably fast turnaround.

~Mike Markwardt, Markwardt Enterprises

Well, the trial is through and it is smooth sailing here at Lilywhite Bichons! (Lilywhitebichons.com) I took a chance and went with Maria Parisi who contacted me after she had learned that we had all been abandoned by our web designer and mistress, Notorious Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx. SHE HAS BEEN FABULOUS! In no time, she got right down to work, changing the domain, host and revamping my website to be more efficient. We've made many, many changes and updates. She literally has responded to my requests within MINUTES! I'll get a message back from her that says "DONE", and SURE ENOUGH, it is!She is great to work with, REALLY knows her stuff, and her prices are reasonable. What else could we ask for? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MARIA!!!

~Janet Jamison, Lilywhite Bichons

I just wanted to let everyone know I've had my Tonkinese website redesigned by Maria Parisi  and I've added my Japanese Bobtail information. We've only been breeding them for 7 years now so I guess it's about time! I've never been much of a computer person and was quite reluctant to start the whole redesign process, but Maria made it a painless process. So quick and easy!

~Toni Huff, Gulfcats Cattery

Entertainment: Maria was the perfect web designer for our entertainment business. She created fast-loading pages that include multiple video, audio and image media. She is quite affordable and works well to accomplish our specific needs to help promote our business.

~Steve & Mike Markwardt, Markwardt Brothers Entertainment

Maria designed a web page for me on Geocities when I first started my cattery years ago. Recently I decided it was time to upgrade and grab a domain name of my own. Maria was able to quickly move the site, add lots of new pictures and design a way for me to do my own updates. I am thrilled to now be able to add and delete pictures to keep the site current at all times. She worked quickly and professionally with lots helpful suggestions. Thanks Maria for a great job.

~Judy Neall, Purfect Gift Persians

Cyberspace opens doors to wonderful people we might otherwise never meet, but, sadly, doors through which dangerous people slip. I wanted a website that revealed little about me yet encouraged visitors to email for information so the screening process could work both ways. Maria was open to a unique idea (whether she agreed or not) and immediately focused on creating what I wanted. During the process, Maria made known various options as they presented themselves, never pushing towards any direction. In every aspect Maria's top priority was creating a website that pleased her customer. Not once did she become impatient with my many requests for un-dos, re-dos, nips, tucks and tweaks to make the final product shine. My website was never finished until I said it was.

Maria spent many hours creating a double slideshow format, yet the turnaround rate from initial request to finished product was mere days. Amazingly, Maria's fee for a professional result was no more than an amateur would ask. I am very impressed with Maria's skill as a web designer and her work ethics. She is most pleasant to work with, promptly responsive to all questions and someone I will refer anyone wanting a website to.

Thank you, Maria!
~Adia Kilpatrick, LoyalroyaL British Shorthairs

Maria Parisi of Bedoroses Himalayans designed the site beautifully. After my initial contact with her, it took only four days to have it up and running! I am very very proud of the site and the cats displayed on it.

~ Donna Wilbanks, Starship/Starbourne Exotics

I can't say enough about our new web mistress Maria Parisi. She essentially had it up from first contact to what you see now in 24 hours. Wow!!!!!!! A page that I am particularly proud of and the page that Maria went out of her way to listen to my every need, (which if anyone knows me are many) is our son's memorial page. Maria also had many suggestions so that it would be exactly what we needed. Thanks for taking the time to peruse our new site.

~Ben Gavitt, Noblessa Perisians